5th International Workshop on Fluorinated Compounds in materials, humans and the environment

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The workshop will take place in Helsingør/Copenhagen, Denmark, from October 27th to 29th, 2013.

We want to bring together scientists and specialists around the world in order to present and discuss scientific and regulatory developments with regards to fluorinated compounds.  The workshops have been proven to be an excellent forum for professionals interested in detailed, in-depth discussions on this unique compound class. We trust that the 5th workshop will be equally successful as the previous four, and are excited to present several world-leading experts to share their latest research:

Physico-chemistry and Production of Fluorinated Compounds
Marie Pierre Krafft (Institut Charles Sadron, France)

Analysis, Handling and Modeling of Fluorinated Compounds
Pim De Voogt (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Occurrence in the Arctic and Global Transport
Jonathan Martin (University of Alberta, Canada)

Exposure to Humans and the Environment
Tom Webster (Boston University School of Public Health, US)

Human Biomonitoring and Epidemiology
Tony Fletcher (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK)

From Analysis to Regulation
Andrew B. Lindström (US Environmental Protection Agency, US)


In addition to the conference, there will also be a workshop on ‘Physico-chemistry and analysis of fluorinated compounds’


We invite you to visit the website of the conference (http://www.nordfluor-workshop-2013.dk/; update available in early April) or confer to the attached flyer where you will find all details and general information regarding the workshop.


Please don't forget these important dates:

- Abstract submission: until July 31st, 2013

- Registration: from now to August 31st, 2013

Download flyer here