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The proposed network has the following objectives:
1. To integrate the expertise of the 22 research groups in the Nordic region (in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Island and Finland) and Germany who have complementary expertise in research on PFCs and through this strengthen the competitiveness of Nordic (and thus also European) research so that the Nordic region is recognised as the global leader in this field.
2. To train graduate students and researchers (at all levels) in complementary research methods not available to them at their institution through exchange grants. This will increase the pool of highly-qualified researchers with expert knowledge in this field.
3. To encourage network partners to share knowledge, facilities, materials and methods and thus increase possibilities for undertaking novel research. In particular, method intercomparison exercises will be strongly encouraged.
4. To organise two scientific symposia at the beginning and end of the funding period which include scientific presentations, workshops and short courses. The workshops will be used to identify areas for research cooperation. In the period between the two meetings the existing and successful Nordic Environmental Chemistry Conference will be used as forum for presentation of research by network members and also for Coordination group meetings.
5. To develop two new graduate courses focused on training students in different aspects of PFCs. The courses will be multidisciplinary exploiting the wide range of expertise available in the proposed network.
6. To foster long-term research relationships that will continue beyond the funding period and lead to future funding applications for collaborative projects.
7. To increase awareness of research undertaken within the network to the scientific community, regulatory and industry stakeholders as well as amongst the general public.
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