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Although the Nordic region is successful in research and research training on PFCs, research efforts in the Nordic region suffer from a lack of coordination. By assembling this structured network of complementary researchers from 22 partipating groups (environmental and analytical chemists, toxicologists, epidimielogists and modellers) in the Nordic region, we aim to more rapidly provide new knowledge on sources, fate, transport, exposure and pharmacokinetics. 

The partner organizations in the network will share knowledge, facilities, materials and methods as well as provide improved training opportunities for research students through study trips to other partner organizations. It is our belief that the network will better equip scientists in the Nordic region to tackle the major questions in the field. Within the research area of global sources, transport and fate, better cooperation would facilitate sampling in other countries within the Nordic region.

The learning curve for understanding this compound class is especially steep given that they behave uniquely compared to previously studied organic contaminants. Students often work in isolation either because they are unaware of other research being undertaken elsewhere or there is no incentive or funding available for cooperation. The network will ensure greater student mobility for undertaking research and for participating in courses. There are to our knowledge no available graduate level courses focusing on this compound class. It is therefore necessary to develop new courses in order that students can more rapidly advance in this research area. The courses should be multidisciplinary taking advantage of the wide range of expertise in the network. The network will provide a large market for students and we expect to additionally attract students from the rest of Europe. The potential large number of students will make the courses financially feasible at the host departments. In addition to the new courses there are already many relevant courses available at partner organizations in the network, which can be readily advertised on the network's website.
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