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FORCE Technology, is a not-for-profit, self-owned and authorized technological research and service institute with about 1100 employees supported by the Danish Ministry for Research and Innovation. The institution covers a broad area of science and technology.Institution address Park Alle 345, DK-2605 Brøndby, Denmark. Telephone: + 45 43 26 70 00. http:/www.forcetechnology.com

PFC research areas: PFC properties, use, consumption, inventory, substitution, impacts, endocrine effects etc.

Projects on PFCs:

  • PFOS substitution in hard chrome plating for the Danish EPA.
  • PFOS substitutes, technology, economics, environment and health for the Stockholm Convention.
Relevant publications:
  • Poulsen PB, Jensen AA, Bossi R, Jensen F, Olsen L. Use of polyfluorinated compounds in consumer articles in Denmark. Organohalogen Compounds 2008; 70: 390-393.
  • Jensen AA, Poulsen PB, Bossi R. Survey and environmental/health assessment of fluorinated substances in impregnated consumer products and impregnating agents. Survey of Chemical Substances in Consumer Products, No. 99. Danish Agency for Environmental Protection, 2008.
  • Posner S, Herzke D, Poulsen PB, Jensen AA. PFOA in Norway. Survey of National Sources, TA-2354/2007. Oslo: Norwegian Pollution Control Authority, 2007.
  • Bossi R, Poulsen PB, Jensen AA. Persistente fluorforbindelser i miljøet. Dansk Kemi 2008; 89(5):12-14.
  • Jensen AA, Poulsen PP, Bossi R. Kemi, anvendelse, forekomst og effekter af perfluoralkylsyrer (PFOS, PFOA etc.) – en ny type miljøgifte. Miljø og Sundhed 2006:12(30); 20-30.
  • Poulsen PB, Jensen AA, Wallström E. More environmentally friendly alternatives to PFOS-compounds and PFOA. Environmental Project No. 1013. Danish Environmental Protection Agency, 2005.
Research team leader: Pia Brunn Poulsen (PBP@force.dk).

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